March 21, 2012

Digital Prints by Luis Toledo

Luis Toledo, also known as Laprisamata, is an art director and digital artist from Madrid.

His wide clientele includes companies such as Warner Music, Heineken, EA Games and others, all impressed by his beautiful digital art.

What I really like about his work is the way he incorporates different -phenomenally irrelevant- elements by producing complicated and interesting collages. In his work Toledo includes all kinds of different symbols like skulls, skeletons, insects, shapes, even brand designs, animals, people; all that in an array of neutral and psychedelic colours mixed together. 

Life, death and religion play an important role in his prints, you have to closely look at the details to understand the meaning of each digital collage. He uses different names for each group of works, such as “Asia”, “Force”, “Darkness”. The hidden message behind his work is that every little detail must be appreciated because even if you do not realise it, it is important as part of the bigger picture. The way he represents this, to me, is simply amazing and extraordinary, the world needs more artists who think and work like Toledo does.

Image source: Laprisamata

Written for Fashion156

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