January 8, 2019

Pink clay mask by Emma Hardie review

A pink clay mask that purifies your skin smells amazing and is pink! The latest launch from Emma Hardie (who I’ve written about before, see the eye cream review here, an amazing product) is all about achieving a deep cleanse, through the use of pink clay, moringa seed oil (that gives the gorgeous spa scent, a scent synonymous to the Emma Hardie brand, also full of antioxidants like vitamin C and E) and more lovely ingredients.


In terms of ingredients in this Emma Hardie mask, the clay is an obvious hero; it cleans the skin, purifies and boosts the moisture at the same time, and combined with the rest of the ingredients, some beautiful botanical extracts, you will be left with glowing skin. There are naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) due to Multifruit, a mix of five botanical extracts. There is also P-Refinyl an active ingredient derived from the lentil, that helps with sebum production, and collagen. Another key is Defensil, that reduces and soothes redness and inflammation.

Emma Hardie Purifying Pink Clay Detox Mask*, £40 (here)

The launch event was a Feya, which if you live in London and like cute (Instagrammable) cafes, it’s a must visit, and definitely try the pastries! Pink and pure was the hashtag of the night, and it’s a perfect match – deep purification, and it’s pink! You can see the texture on my hand below as well, it’s thick like a balm, a proper clay mask feeling but a bit lighter perhaps.

How to use?

I apply it with a flat brush (the foundation brush from Real Techniques is great for that, as it helps to evenly distribute the mask across your face and neck), or use the little spatula provided and your hands. Ideally you won’t dip your hands in the pot to avoid bacteria etc etc but honestly, it’s about personal preference too, masking is a fun activity right? Apply a thin layer and leave on for 10-15 minutes, I personally remove just using water, but they recommend using a cloth soaked in warm water.


Do you need this? If you like masks yes, absolutely. Everyone can benefit from this mask, as it will nourish the skin and help the regeneration with the naturally occurring AHAs. If you take time to take care of your skin and treat it as self-care ritual then I recommend it 100%. It’s a beautiful, luxurious product that’s very well made. Yes, it isn’t cheap so it all comes down to how you decide to spend your beauty budget.

For Christmas though, you can get an amazing deal with the Emma Hardie Instant Radiance Kit, that includes a full size of this new mask, together with a 50ml Moringa Balm (the best!!), a 30ml (full-size) Brilliance Facial Oil and a cleansing cloth for £60, which is an absolute bargain, as all of these together are worth £118. Get for your mum, sister, friend or yourself!

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