July 14, 2017

Chantecaille Fall & Holiday launches

Chantecaille is a wonderful beauty brand, a family company that started in Paris and based in New York. Each year for the autumn/winter season, they create collections that give back to the environment and animal life, working with different issues. Last year it was all about lions in Kenya and the latest launch focuses on gorillas and deforestation in Kenya and Congo. Also, 5% of the proceeds will go to the Rainforest Alliance, for the protection of forests in Europe, Africa, and Amazon.

Save the Forest eye palette, £74 out in August 

The ‘Save the Forest’ quad eye palette focuses on the colours found in nature and the forest, and it’s also refillable, which makes the packaging even more environmentally-friendly. Deforestation such a big issue as the 50% of the CO2 is due to the deforestation, and the situation is even worse in the last 2 years in the Amazon.

Ingredients used in most beauty/cosmetics/soap items, like palm oil and soybean destroy the forests plus they are full of GMO’s and pesticides. It’s catastrophic for us and the planet equally. As the forests are destroyed the gorillas are lost too as they have no place to live. A relevant quote is:

“When you realize the value of all life, you dwell less on what is past and concentrate more on the preservation of the future.”― Dian Fossey

Not to bring anyone down, but it’s important to raise awareness for issues of the environment and our planet, and it’s great seeing fashion and beauty brands integrating this in their collections. To go back to makeup and the Fall launches, the style continues to be feminine, with a nice glow and iridescence, continuing the ‘no makeup makeup’ look.

Cheek Gelée in Lively, £33

The liquid blush Cheek Gelée is launched in a beautiful coral shade, that is practical to have in your bag and easy to apply. The HD loose powder that comes in a pen form is perfect for when you are on the move, for touch ups, and just having it in your bag. It’s translucent and obviously, gives a blurring finish. A couple new products for the brows are coming out too, with the most exciting one being the brow serum, that is now coloured, and has peptides that promote brow growth.

There are also a couple of skincare launches coming in early October, inspired by the hectic city life. Sylvie Chantecaille travelled to China and realised how apparent and intense the pollution was, so much so that people shouldn’t really breathe the air most days! Pollution is actually one of the biggest catalysts for aging as it causes inflammation and breaks down our collagen. This new anti-pollution collection is a unisex line in minimal grey packaging. The products create a robust barrier and also protects and nurtures the skin. The Mattifying Cream is best used as a primer, to minimise pore size and blur away any imperfections with powerful ingredients like lentil extract. The Finishing Essence is a very interesting serum, which acts as a barrier creating a protein film. It should be the last step in a skincare routine, before SPF and foundation and also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Last but definitely not least is the Holiday collection, coming out mid-October and inspired by shimmering sequins. The look that it creates is a beautiful, warm look, easy going that also makes you stand out.  The standout piece from this collection is ‘Les Paillettes’, a bronzing, illuminating palette inspired by the work of couturiers. The blush and highlighter palette, ‘L’Arbre Illuminé’ would make the perfect gift for your best friend/mum/sister for Christmas, as it combines some beautiful shades and even has an origami-type tree once you open it.

What’s your favourite item from these new launches?

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