May 19, 2015

Brunching in pajamas

Oh when the weather is nice London can be a rather gorgeous place, am I right? And a brunch on a weekend is the perfect match, especially one under the sunshine – ours took place at Chiltern’s Firehouse. The Courtyard is like a slice of paradise within the busy city.

IMG_7605 IMG_7607 IMG_7617

I went for runny eggs on a bed of spinach and tomato on top of a cheese muffin, with a light hollandaise dressing. Also known as eggs florentine, but I took the overly descriptive approach!


He went for something sweet; buttermilk pancakes with blueberries and cream. Light and fluffy and very delicious. And I know because I couldn’t not have a bite!

IMG_7614 IMG_7630 IMG_7691

I was wearing: Top – Brandy Melville (similar) | Trousers/culottes – Zara (here) | Creepers – Underground (similarsimilar) | Tagari Bag –  Katerina Psoma (similar) | Necklace – Zara (similar) | Long beady necklace – Angelo di Spirito Rosa (here) | Bralette – Hanky Panky (here) 


These trousers/culottes or however you might want to call them are the comfiest thing ever. As comfy as your pyjamas; and with the silky soft material and stripes, they not only feel like nightwear but look like them too! Which makes me like them even more. Just don’t be tempted to pair them with a silky oversized shirt, otherwise it will definitely seem like you’re wearing your pyjamas!

The shoes are another favourite of mine, which I have actually owned for quite a while now but haven’t put up on the blog before. I love that the silver colour makes the creepers a bit different and more interesting. And last but not least a recent favourite has been this pink bralette, which you can see peeking through this top. It’s so soft, comfy and I will definitely be buying more colours, especially for summer to wear with cut-out tops!

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