February 28, 2020

Brow Lamination Lift at-home: How To!

Brow Lamination

How to do Brow Lamination at home, save bucks and get your best, fluffy brows

Brow Lamination: The newest ‘trend’ for your brows. It may sound strange but as soon as I explain it will all make sense.

The treatment was started in Russia and there are a couple of places that offer it in London, US, Amsterdam and I’m sure more places will make this available soon. However it is quite a pricy treatment, I’ve found it to be around £70.

Essentially this is a brow lift/perm (just as you would have a lash lift), aiming to get your brows fluffy and make them stay in place for longer. This is the ideal treatment for people with full brows, those that are unruly perhaps. I always apply brow gel, but even that doesn’t help them stay in place for the whole day.

I have done a full how-to on IGTV, which you can watch here or click below to be taken directly to it.

Brow lamination Fani Mari
What you need for the brow lamination/lift

Brow Lift/Lamination at home tools:

  • A lash lift kit, I bought mine on Amazon for £16, here
  • A cotton round to clean brows, mine are reusable ones
  • Some cream/Vaseline, as a barrier to apply on the skin around the brows. I used my fave lip balm, Lucas’ Papaw
  • Spoolie to brush brows up
  • Brow scissors (optional)
  • Tint if you wish to tint your brows (I didn’t)


– Start by cleaning the brows
– Apply the barrier around them to protect the skin
– Apply the lash glue to define the shape (not sure it’s essential)
– Add the first bottle of the kit, which is the perm. Apply evenly and then cover with a piece of cling film
– Leave on for 8-12 minutes (I left it for 10)
– Remove the cling film, add the second bottle, the ‘Fixing’
– Leave on for 8-12 minutes (I left it for 10)
– At this stage you can tint them if you wish
– Add the nourishing oil and leave on for a few minutes
– If needed, use the ‘cleanser’ to remove and residue
– If needed, trim the ends of the brows, very lightly

Don’t get water on them for 24 to 48 hours!

More details on the article I wrote for PopSugar, read here.

It’s been about a week-ish since I got them done and though they don’t stay as fluffy as they did the first few days, they look great. I’m very happy with how they turned out and will definitely do this again. I’d be curious to see if having this done in a salon by a professional would have a different effect, though I doubt it as these are the sort of products they’d use. Perhaps their products are stronger so the treatment would last longer.

As soon as I brush them up they stay in place much easier than they do before having the brow lamination done.

Feel free to ask any questions either here or on Instagram!

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