March 3, 2022


Hindsight 2020: Tribulations and silver linings during a global pandemic is out now (e-book and print).

I can’t believe I’m actually, finally, announcing that I wrote a book and I’m now officially an author!! I started working on it on the 13th of November 2020 and now, 1 year and 3-ish months later, the book is available for purchase.

It was a very difficult process, full of self-doubt and stress but it was also incredibly rewarding. I’ve always wanted to write a book but assumed it would be beauty-related. Instead, I’ve remembered the importance of a strong human story, people matter and their stories matter above everything else.

Here’s the little blurb! Hindsight 2020: Tribulations and silver linings during a global pandemic is a collection of non-fiction short stories that feature unfiltered first-person accounts of the incredible, heartbreaking and, more often than not, catastrophic effects 2020 had on peoples’ lives. Hindsight 2020 offers an overview of big events of 2020 through the moving personal stories of 10 people from around the globe. 2020 was a life-changing, historic year, in large part because of the pandemic, but coronavirus is not the main focus of the book. COVID-19 created further issues within each context covered, but this book focuses on the personal stories of people who experienced a significant event first-hand. The book focuses on events that will be remembered in history, like the Black Lives Matter protests, as well as meaningful personal stories that took place in 2020, such as a woman’s long journey to pregnancy. All stories include a silver lining and examine what the storyteller learnt from the significant moment that impacted their life.

I would really appreciate the support – even sharing it would mean the world! And of course, if you can purchase that would be amazing too. And if you buy the book and like it, it would be incredible if you could leave a review on Amazon!

All buying links below and you can also purchase a printed copy directly from me HERE (shipping cost + tax is calculated at checkout depending on your location). Printed and e-book versions are available on Amazon.

If you’re in Greece (or somewhere where Amazon doesn’t exist) I recommend you using my own website to purchase as the shipping cost is lower 🙂

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  1. Excellent idea to write about real stories in real time during the 2020 lockdown ! Agreeable reading, accurate focusing in the background of each story , facts without dramatizing . One travels all over the world, realizing the globality of the pandemic in 2020 – BALI, GREECE, ITALY, IRELAND-NORTHERN, LEBANON, MINNESOTA, NIGERIA, POLAND, VICTORIA, UNITED KINGDOM . FANI MARI underlines the positive reaction to find a new way to survive – a positive keep walking – a silver lining . VERY GOOD.

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