March 30, 2015

Bloggers Love Fashion Week event

Bloggers Love the website that connects bloggers with each other and with brands, organised a Bloggers Fashion Week event on Wednesday and Thursday of last week. Unfortunately I was only able to attend the second day of the event and got to know a few interesting brands.

Have a look at some of the brands I talked to below.


Lip Glam is a lanolin-based balm that can be used on the lips, chaffed hands, cracking skin and even to prime eyelashes! From what I’ve seen so far, it works! Its moisturising formula stays put for a long time and I will keep using it for sure.

I was really interested in these accessories by Get ClobberedAll of the accessories are handmade out of recyclable materials and they are so beautiful and one of a kind. They value the craftsmanship and sentimentality of pieces we wear, which makes it even more interesting and exciting. And of course I couldn’t resist trying something on…

IMG_6254 IMG_6265


The founder/designer Jane Molloy is just as fabulous as her designs!


Tara Osborne creates intricate jewellery ranging from rings, pendants and bracelets. Everything is sterling silver and some of them are gold-plated as well. The hammered midi rings were definitely my favourites!


Then we saw the beautiful lingerie by Edge o’ Beyond. Everything is produced in England and is super soft. Definitely check out her designs!

IMG_6199 IMG_6201 IMG_6202

Naomi, the founder and director wants to focus on connecting the lingerie with jewellery; intricate chains such as the above. I think it’s a great idea which will also encourage more women to wear underwear-as-outwerwear, within normal boundaries of course!


There was also Rotten Roach, probably the only thing close to a cockroach that I like! Their line of T-shirts are super soft and relaxed.

IMG_6210 IMG_6213

There was a also a big fat cat! Honestly he was so big! He seemed quite happy to be hanging around a room full of strangers.


There was a mini catwalk show featuring clothes from Kryptic Rose and sky high shoes by Mifani.


And of course there were cupcakes! There was also a nice new app, called Comb where you can find similar items of clothing as to something you might have seen a friend of yours wearing etc! It sounds very promising indeed! And last but not least, a skincare company Exuviance, where all the products; such as cleanser, masks and serums, have been developed by dermatologists. This is so important for people that spend loads of money on expensive moisturisers for example, to understand; the key is the skincare! If you have a good base then it’s easier to work with it. I’m excited to try their cleanser that contains salicylic acid, which aids problematic skin.

Overall it was a great event and we met some really nice people! Thanks to Danielle and her team for organising it!

logo xo Fani

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