September 15, 2020

August empties & reviews

August empties

My monthly empties are a way to review products I’ve finished and encourage you to finish up products before opening new ones! Less waste and more reviews! Mini reviews of CeraVe, Korres and more

Sunscreen empties 

Korres Hyaluronic Splash Sunscreen SPF50 (£20, 150ml) is my favourite formula in a sunscreen as it feels like a light water. It’s a little oily but not too much and absorbs quickly. What I don’t like is that it finishes quite quickly – I went through this bottle in less than a week. Also the spray bit didn’t always work well so I would prefer a normal spray nozzle. If the sun is strong (eg on a boat) I recommend something stronger in a cream formula like the below. 

I would recommend and repurchase

Korres Sunscreen Body & Face emulsion Yoghurt SPF50 (can’t find the exact product in the UK) is a light cream formula that smells so good and is super protective. I wouldn’t use this on my face personally but If you skin isn’t acne prone I don’t see a reason not to! 

I would recommend and repurchase. 

Bodycare empties 

The Body Shop Body Butter (£6, 50ml) is a good classic choice. I prefer them for winter as they are a bit thicker.

Generally a good option, wouldn’t repurchase right now though 

Bio-oil Gel (£6.70, 100ml) is a new one for me. Bio oil is known for its restorative properties so the gel formula is great for my super dry skin. Annoyingly it’s quite oily so it’s not one of those you can slap on and wear your clothes and leave. Good for the nighttime though and felt quite lightweight despite the oiliness. 

Potentially repurchase 

Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum cream (£18, 75ml) is a cult product that I just tried for the first time! The scent is amazing, the texture is thick but sinks in and a little goes a long way. But I also think it’s a tad too expensive for a body cream considering I have some amazing cheaper faves like the below. 

Potentially repurchase 

CeraVe Moisturising Cream (£9, 177ml) is the perfect body cream (and occasionally face cream) for me – if only if ONLY it had some fragrance!! But you can’t have it all! Also it’s full of good for you ceramides that help reconstruct the skin and support a healthy skin barrier. Technically this can used for the face too. 

I would recommend and repurchase 

Korres Dual Hyaluronic Multi-Action Body Soufflé (£17, 200ml) is a lightweight texture, it felt moisturising but I wasn’t super keen on the scent. It was okay overall. 

Potentially repurchase 

Mio Sun-drenched Body Wash (£15, 200ml)* is a micellar body wash gel in a delicious orange lemon scent. I haven’t used a Micellar body wash before but it works great especially for summer. Micelles are little oil molecules suspended in water. It run out quite soon unfortunately! Also it contains golden speckles, it’s so pretty and works well. 

Potentially repurchase 

Face & Hair empties

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer (£34, 150ml)* is an awesome pre-shampoo mask treatment. It’s a bit lighter in texture than your average mask but that doesn’t take away from the super hydrating properties. I use it as a weekly treatment like I would a hair mask. A cult product for a reason! If you like it, they make it in huge sizes and QVC often has some great deals too. 

Already repurchased 

Elemis Pro-Cleansing Collagen Cleansing Balm (£44, 105g)* works well, it’s a great texture and removes every bit of makeup. I don’t love the scent and the few products I’ve tried from Elemis have been a little too strong on the fragrance for me. However I have other balms I prefer so I wouldn’t repurchase it. 

I would recommend depending on someone’s needs but not repurchase


Rimmel Brow Pro Micro Pen (£8.99) I got this to add some more colour on my freckles and it was the perfect felt tip and colour. Unfortunately it dried way too quickly as the cap doesn’t close very well. 

Wouldn’t repurchase 

Marvis Whitening Mint toothpaste (£8.50) has definitely helped my teeth get a little whiter while using it. It’s quite strong in terms of the mint, but they come in other flavours too. 

Already repurchased 

Hand gel! So much hand gel and yes it has to be repurchased. 

What products have you emptied recently?

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