July 2, 2020

The new Alpha-H Vitamin serums are here

Alpha-H vitamin Serum

Your Alpha-H Vitamin Wardrobe that includes A, B, C and E is now easier to use than ever!

The latest launch from Alpha-H isn’t just impressive in terms of ingredients but it’s also very nicely packaged, in pastel-coloured bottles, to make your life easier and your shelfie cuter.

Alpha-H vitamin Serum

I feel so lucky to be able to discover new launches and hear about products even during the lockdown. We actually had a Zoom press day for this launch and it was so much fun! I wanted to share the breakdown of this new launch in case you wanted to get your hands on them asap.

The weather changes and other lifestyle factors (like stress) will affect us daily! Our skin isn’t the same every day or all year round, one day it might be irritated, the other dull, the other dry. Taking this into consideration, Alpha-H has updated its Vitamin Profiling collection with a line of serums to be used when your skin needs it most. These were created with aestheticians in mind, who in-clinic would give you a different treatment depending on your needs at that time. If after reading all about the different serums, you still need help Alpha-H offer online consultations.

They all have a main goal depending on the key ingredient, which I will discuss below. These are to be used individually, on clean, dry skin. You only need 3 drops, be stingy! They are extremely potent/concentrated and you don’t need more.

Also, don’t mix them in with other skincare products as this will reduce their efficacy. You can layer them with another serum, though their ingredients are more than enough, so you’ll find you don’t even have to include other serums in the mix! Perfect if you don’t want to complicate your routine but want the benefits of powerful serums, all in one.

Choose your serum for each concern:

Alpha-H Vitamin A serum, £39, 25ml

Good for: Anyone wanting to incorporate Vitamin A in their routine – Authentic Aging

Used: PM only. Not suitable when pregnant or breastfeeding

Ingredients: Vitamin A (retinol) 0.5%, Macadamia seed oil, squalane, evening primrose oil, sweet almond oil, glycerin, jojoba seed oil

Good for sensitive skin, but it’s still potent but more ‘entry-level’ and if you haven’t used retinoids before and are a total beginner, then start using this just once a week, no more. You need to gradually introduce this, like a ‘Couch to 5k’ you won’t go on a 5k run when you’ve never run before! If you normally use retinoids, you can use this every second night.

Alpha-H Vitamin B serum, £39, 25ml

Good for: Anyone especially in need of hydration – Build Moisture

Used: AM and/or PM on clean, dry skin

Ingredients: Niacinamide (B3) 5%, copper peptide, chia seed, ferulic acid, panthenol (B5), hyaluronic acid, fision hydrate (a mix of HA and amino acids for prolonged hydration)

Protects and supports your barrier function, which is what keeps your skin healthy! Also it protects against the elements, can reduce redness (potentially suitable for rosacea) and reduces excessive sebum production and even out skin tone. Apart from hydrating, this formula is also antioxidant and supports wound healing. All the ingredients work together to help against TEWL (transepidermal water loss).

This is the most universal and needed serum of the range. I’ve tried their previous version of this and was very happy with the results. The ingredients are still the same but what they’ve changed is the delivery system to ensure better absorption.

Alpha-H Vitamin C serum, £39, 25ml

Good for: Sun damage, pigmentation, anyone in need of an antioxidant – Clarity Enhancing

Used: AM and/or PM, though AM is preferred

Ingredients: Ethyl Ascorbic Acid (3%), licorice (suppresses melanin production), hyaluronic acid, grape seed extract

Alpha-H had a vitamin C serum in the past containing L-ascorbic acid, which is the most potent vitamin C form but very unstable. They decided to use a more stable form, as the company is based in Australia and their products are sent all over the world, which can create issues due to the airplane pressure etc. Vitamin C can sometimes cause irritation but this is safe for sensitive skin. It supports collagen production, helps with sun damage, brightness the skin and helps your sunscreen work better. Because of that vitamin C serums work better when used in the morning, but they are still effective at nighttime. If you prefer to use it at night then go for it! Only you know your skin.

Alpha-H Vitamin E serum, £39, 25ml

Good for: Irritated skin, maybe you over-exfoliated? – Emergency Repair

Used: AM and/or PM – can be used to spot-treat

Ingredients: Vitamin E, macadamia seed oil, evening primrose oil, sweet almond oil

This is your emergency potion – breakout marks? That’s your gal. Over-exfoliated? Your skin is stressed and dehydrated? Your barrier is impaired? Your boyfriend is stupid? Okay maybe it can’t fix that sorry! But good for everything else. This is created in a different way than your typical vitamin E serums, as it’s oil-soluble and the delivery system into the skin is faster. The vitamin E together with the emollient oils will help with hydration and treat the area. This is the only one that you might want to layer, for example, you can use your vitamin C all over and then 1 drop of the vitamin E on a breakout area.

As with all skincare products you will need a minimum of two weeks of using these properly before seeing any results, however around 2 months is better in order to see results. My personal recommendation would be to only introduce one serum at a time. You don’t want to confuse your skin and you want to give the serum time to work. As all of these are super hydrating, you probably won’t have any issues with dehydration, but a hyaluronic acid serum won’t cause any issues, if you wish to include that in your routine.

Overall I’m really liking this launch. These are all vegan, fragrance free (super important for sensitive skin) and made in Australia where the company is from.

The serums are already very well priced and excellent value – and there is also a discovery kit – for £55 you get all four serums (15ml) to try them out, what an amazing value!!

Available now on Alpha-H and CultBeauty

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