May 21, 2019

A (new age) fake tan comparison: Isle of Paradise vs Oskia

Truth be told, I’ve never been a huge fan of fake tan. Maybe it’s the negative connotations of cheap fake tan = streaky, orange, biscuit scent, maybe it’s the fact that I could never be bothered with the upkeep. I know people that fake tan every single week and I’m amazed by the dedication, not gonna lie.

I have tried a couple of fake tans throughout the years; a super easy in-shower one by St Tropez, which wasn’t dark enough; a £5 mousse by St Moritz that looked perfect the first day but didn’t last very long.

Forget those days when fake tan was difficult and products weren’t good enough, both of these brands with products less than a year old, have won me over and proved that fake tan can *actually* be good. Here begins the comparison of Isle of Paradise and Oskia, two British brands that have used innovative technologies and good for your skin ingredients in their tanning products.

isle of paradise tanning drops fake tan water

Isle of Paradise was created by Jules von Hep, who previously founded Tan Luxe and has over 10 years of experience in the tanning industry. He is also hilarious, all about positivity and has a body positivity podcast (here) and a comedy podcast, both with Sarah Powell.

The first ever colour correcting tan, Isle of Paradise aims to work with your skin’s natural amino acids, with colour choices in three formulas, depending on how deep you want your tan to be.

Peach is for a lighter tan and this option brightens and is also anti-inflammatory. Green offers a golden medium tan and includes turmeric root extract, and for a deeper tan there’s Violet.

All three are available in the classic mousse form as well as in drops that should be added in your moisturiser (face or body) to create a gradual tan formula, and a super easy to use water – with a 360-degree spray to reach every spot – that you spray all over and then smooth out using a tanning mitt. It really is that simple and easy!

All the products contain organic tanning actives, vitamin C, avocado, chia seed and coconut oil for ultimate hydration. Two more sprays will help you in your fake tan mission – , for priming your skin, and Over It, which dissolves the tan and helps with any mistakes (although the products are so easy to use it’s impossible to put a foot wrong). Disco Tan is an instant tan that can be washed off and Happy Tan is a classic gradual tanning body cream.

To make this brand even better, if that’s possible, it is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, organic, free of parabens, GMO and sulfates and full on body positivity!

Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops*, £19.95, Self-Tanning Water*, £18.95

The adaptive tan by Oskia is a first for the natural brand. The 100% natural tanning products come in drop form as well as a mist and are luxurious and high quality.

oskia adaptive tan spray drops
Oskia Adaptive Tan Self-Tanning Drops*, 100ml, £65, Adaptive Tan Mist*, 100ml, £48

The ingredients used are created specifically for Oskia, such as the naturally encapsulated DHA. Usually DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid is derived from synthetic sources.

The products also contain natural melanin boosters, MSM and vitamins B5 (niacinamide), C and E to condition and moisturise the skin. The nutrients are not only good for your skin, but will also help the tan last for longer. Oskia recommends you top up after seven days. The mist works instantly and deepens over two days, thanks to the amino-acids. It can be used all over or as a contour on shoulders, face and where the sun would naturally tan you.

oskia adaptive mist drop fake tan

After watching many videos were Jules explained how to use a mitt, I realised that for so many years I’ve been doing it wrong. Instead of going in circles, you are meant to take the mitt in straight lines. Not sure if my explanation makes sense but I used this process for the application of both sprays. Sprayed one on each leg, as that’s the area I would be able to compare and see properly.

Application for both sprays is super easy and straightforward. You spray from a 10-15cm distance until the whole skin is wet and then take your mitt to rub it. I have only used the Oskia drops on my face, but would try the others too, although I am scared of products clogging my face, so haven’t done tried it yet.

The Oskia mist is a little bit finer, I reckon you need more than the Isle of Paradise; I felt the latter coated my skin more easily.

oskia isle of paradise fake tan comparison
Left: Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Water in Purple, Right: Oskia Mist
oskia isle of paradise fake tan comparison
Left: Oskia Mist, Right: Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Water in Purple

I think they are both amazing products, and I’m glad product innovations have created something that even a novice of fake tanning, like me can use. Out of the two sprays I would choose Isle of Paradise because it gave me a deeper tan, and you can select your colour out of the three available. I think Oskia would be perfect for me during winter when I’m paler though. I would also choose the Oskia drops that can be easily mixed in your night cream or moisturiser, as they are a skincare brand I already use and love, and I know my skin won’t freak out using this.

Have you tried either of these fake tans? What’s your favourite fake tan?

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