Zelens Z Balance Facial Mist review

Zelens is one of my favourite brands and it’s easy to see why. Who doesn’t like great products that work and are certified by a renowned doctor (not to mention, with a clinic off Harley Street). I had the chance to meet Dr. Marko Lens, who splits his time between LA, Germany and London, in a small presentation for this launch. As I’ve said before I love mists, and have a few at home/at the office/in my gym bag, so I am always keen to try out a new one. Face mists do sometimes get a bad rep, especially if they are a bit pricey, as essentially it’s water in a can. That might have been the case in the past, but these days brands really push technologies and ingredients forward to create face mists with a purpose.

Zelens Z Balance face mist - photo: Fani Mari

The new launch from Zelens is a probiotic and prebiotic mist that acts as a protective film on the skin, created from the natural-occurring sugars of the ingredients. When sprayed on the face, it does feel a bit tacky, but that is quickly absorbed by the skin and the protection against pollution, as well as the good bacteria in the skin, commences.

Zelens Z Balance face mist - photo: Fani Mari

The idea for this product came from newborns being born in a C-section, that usually develop problems with their skin, as they are missing good bacteria. Following that thinking, the mist has five probiotics, that help re-balance the microflora of the skin, as well as an amino-acid complex that helps with the elasticity of the skin, and two prebiotics to top it all off. Prebiotics are known for their moisturising properties and also give the skin a radiance and glow, probiotics promote the skin’s renewal process and support the natural immune defenses. Shiso leaf, a type of Japanese mint is also added as a powerful antioxidant to protect from free radicals and soothes sensitive skin. I’d say this also gives the mist a ‘natural’ minty scent, really unoffensive and actually quite refreshing when you spray it on.

Zelens Z Balance face mist - photo: Fani Mari

Zelens Z Balance face mist - photo: Fani MariI particularly enjoy using this during the warmer days and after an intense gym session, as it helps my skin cool down, and go from bright tomato red to normal. It’s also super easy to use, as it doesn’t disrupt your skincare or makeup routine in any way, and can be used before of after SPF, which is very convenient for top-ups during the day.

The Z Balance Prebiotic & Probiotic Facial Mist (50ml) is available for £48, on zelens.com, John Lewis, Cult Beauty and Beauty Bay

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