Winter Night-in Essentials

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Now that we are well and truly into winter (it’s November after all!) there’s nothing better than a cosy night in with your friends and a movie or catching up on a series (if you still haven’t watched Stranger Things do!!)

My essentials are a mix of tech (essential for said movie) and beauty, as even the lighting up of a candle instantly relaxes me. First you’ve got to pick your film, I just finished re-watching Gossip Girl for the 100th time and I’m really feeling the classic cinema vibes; think Casablanca, The Killers or Gilda. And of course what’s a good film without a good sound system? That’s where the Panasonic CD Speakers come in. The latest offering from the brand in their sound system products is a wireless speaker the ALL7CD that can be used with your TV (as well as your phone or radio and most of the sound sources available) and can also be connected to any other Panasonic speaker to create your own home cinema experience! You can also archive your favourite music from your CDs on its internal memory.

So after covering the tech essentials let’s move on to the beauty and homeware bits. Flannel pyjamas and fluffy socks are a must for me when I want to be warm and cosy. My all-time favourites are from Victoria’s Secret actually and I love getting a new set every year. Also fluffy socks: Primark makes the best even though they won’t stay super soft forever, but that’s fine with me! I couldn’t do without a nice cup of tea (love the Teapigs Chamomile one, super relaxing) in a big mug like the Anthropologie ones which I love and their designs are always super cute. A warm blanket to top off the look and you’re good to go! I love this plaid one from Aigle, which I think is actually a picnic blanket and not actually for sale, but Welm Elm has the best throw blankets.

A little pampering is always a fave, and putting on a face mask while watching a movie is a great idea. I usually put on a clarifying mask first; like this mask by Biorecept that I got in Paris (French know good skincare!) or the Cosmetic Warrior fresh mask from Lush to keep breakouts at bay and then put on a hydrating one; the Fresh Rose mask is the best and smells great too. In terms of candles Diptyque are my all time fave; Ambre specifically for winter, Feu du Bois or Baies and Leaves by American store Bath & Body Works is the best for autumn. You can always find them on eBay if you don’t go to the US or have friends that can bring some over, as they honestly have the best candles, especially for the price. 

How do you like to spend your winter nights in?


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