On 20 January of 2009, Michelle Obama wears a glamorous yellow/lime dress and overcoat by Isabel Toledo (Cuban-American designer) to her husband’s presidential inauguration, and her accessories are a crystal necklace, green leather J. Crew gloves, and Jimmy Choo pumps. We haven’t seen such an impeccable and modern style from a first lady since Jacqueline ...

Rolex watch:what about it ?

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"Its a universal symbol of wealth and luxury, particularly among business titans-including mini tycoon Mary-Kate Olsen, who rotates a couple of men’s styles on her dainty wrist, mixed in with her hippie beads. To add some historical perspective, James Bond has worn the sporty Submariner model in 11 movies, starting with Dr No in 1962.” Personally, ...

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This picture makes me think of summer, the sea, the sparkling hot sun, i can even smell the summer just by this picture ! Which brought to my mind this quote by Albert Camus:  ”In the depths of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”