Horiyoshi III: the “tattoowear”*

(*LA Times used this term for his clothing line)

Horiyoshi the Third is my latest discovery. I found out more about him after reading Editor’s Fashion Week Survival Guide at Vogue’s blog; and more specifically the part where Sarah Mower’s described her airplane outfit. Anyway, I’ve got a thing with planes in the winter and I am usually very cold (quite unusual for me), which results in a cough in the best case or even worse a neck “cold”  (sorry I cannot really explain it differently!) for the next three days. So, a nice scarf would be the best accessory for the flight. Horiroshi’s scarves are made of cashmere, which means they are super soft and keep you warm. Plus, as Sarah Mower said:

“Takes up no room, expands to the size of a blanket, and can save me from eight hours of aircraf air-con hell.”

Sounds perfect doesn’t it?  

(Scarves from the Fall/Autumn 2010 collection, photos courtesy of Horiyoshi the Third)

About Horiyoshi himself now, he is a Japanese tattoo artist specializing in irezumi (Japanese full-body tattoos),who launched his first clothing line in March 2009. The interesting fact is that he “draws” the tattoos freehand, as well as the designs of his clothes/scarves. And this is how the price tag is explained, $560 for the cotton sweater pictured below. His high-end, street-wear line includes T-shirts, cashmere cardigans, knot-front blouses, tunic dresses and scarves all of which are made in Japan with the finest yarn from Italy. Chunky gold and silver jewelry with dragons or skulls are part of the collection too.   

(Photos: Courtesy of Horiyoshi the Third)

His line is definitely filling in a gap in the market, the one that combines the art of tattoos with high-street fashion. This was exactly Steve Suk’s vision. Suk is an entrepreneur and a dedicated Horiyoshi fan and client from the age of 14, who wanted to give people the change to have these amazing designs on them even if they didn’t want to get an actual tattoo.

You can buy Horiyoshi the Third’s line in-store or online at Harvey Nichols and Browns.  

For more information visit his website

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