Foreo Espada blue light acne treatment

Swedish beauty brand Foreo, took the beauty world by storm with their launch of Luna, a silicone cleansing brush in 2013. Its much-anticipated new product came this week with the launch of a blue-light acne treatment device. Blue-light at-home devices have been really popular lately to target acne; like this Neutrogena mask, or the Tria Blue Light, but the biggest difference between these and the Foreo Espada is that you can’t use them on the go.

Espada is handbag friendly, rechargeable and super easy to use. This at-home beauty treatment combines the ultra-powerful blue light with T-Sonic pulsations that basically target acne-causing bacteria at the source. Not only that, but it promises to work on all sorts of different spots. As someone who has had acne in my teens, this little device seems very interesting to tackle the occasional breakout. And the fact that it’s bag and travel-friendly makes it even more appealing.

At the click of the button a red cross-shaped light comes on, to target the exact spot for the treatment, and as device touches the skin the blue light is activated to kill bacteria. Just as the Luna brush, Espada stops after 30 seconds so you can move to a different area. And that’s it – pretty simple, right?!

It can be washed with just normal soap and warm water, but alcohol products should be avoided as they can damage the silicone. Each charge lasts for about 60 2-minute treatments, so there’s no need to replace cartridges, which is super convenient!

I think it’s going to be one of their bestselling products for sure! It’s available in Magenta, Pink and my fave – Cobalt Blue. It’s now available on Look Fantastic.

Foreo Espada*, £129 (here) | Heidi Klein Coconut Beach Room Spray*, £26 (here) |

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  • Myra
    June 19, 2017

    Hey, did you give this a try – is it any good?

    • Fani
      June 21, 2017

      Yes I like it! Would have to be used quite regularly though I’d say

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