(almost) leopard-print nails

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Oh you Barry M, you should have made that nail varnish a long time ago-because I think I’m in love. (well it actually came out around October but I found it just now)

To be honest a friend of mine was trying to find something similar about two years ago and now she did! 

Sorry for you who still don’t understand ! I’m talking about Nail Effects by Barry M, a black nail polish that cracks when you apply it. With one single application over the nail polish of your choice (i chose Chanel’s Particulière number 505) you get a leopard-print effect like the one advertised by Katy Perry for O-P-I‘s similar nail polish (for £9.99).

So, this is the “before” 

and after one coat of Barry M and two coats of top coat. If you prefer a matte effect you don’t use top coat at all.  

It will look soo great with pink nail-polish underneath for summertime 😉

You can get Barry M Nail Effects from Boots, Superdrug or online for £3.99 .

xo F


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