ahh my loves

I’m currently falling for these! 

1. Vintage leather stud loaffers, made by Etsy, 180$

2. ‘Pin Fur’ high heels, Acne, £165 and might I just add, Browns has a higher discount (£165 from £330) than Acne (£204 from £340 (?!?!)). Ahh I just really like those because I’m currently trying to find some simple heels and I don’t want black again!

3. Long black jersey skirt, LNA, £40. I’ve been looking for a skirt like that for a while and I think this might be the perfect long skirt for spring!

4. Gold Michael Kors watch, Asos, £175. Arghh I want youu!

5. Sequin hairband by Jennifer Ouelette (I don’t know herm, which, doesn’t really matter!), Outnet, £17.22.

6. Linen-blend  tank top by Alexander Wang, Outnet, £106

7. Silly bandz by Marc Jacobs, Shopbop, $15. Aren’t they the cutest this ever?! Although I’m being a little greedy for paying 30 bucks for “M-A-R-C-and-apple” as the international shipping is $15 ! So if I can’t find them in London, that’s just too bad.

8. Starburst Abalon Coctail Ring By House of Harlow 1960, My-Wardrobe, £35


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